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  • 11 2021-07

    How do hand dryers work, anyway?

    Whether you work in an office, exercise at a leisure centre or eat in a restaurant, washing your hands and using a hand dryer are everyday occurrences.

  • 20 2021-05

    Automatic vs. Touch Soap Dispensers

    There are few debates more prominent in the professional cleaning industry than automatic versus touch soap dispensers.

  • 18 2020-12

    The scope of brushless motor and brush motor

    Compared with brushless motor, Brush motor only applicable to various types of toilets and other areas of the requirements that with not too high requirements and it can not use in complex workshops such as dust-free workshop.

  • 15 2021-03

    Which is better in a commercial restroom?  Hand dryers or paper towels? 

    There is no question that hand dryers are much less expensive to operate than paper towels.

  • 05 2018-11

    FEEGOO Attend 124th Canton Fair

    Zhejiang FEEGOO Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the Canton Fair with original new products

  • 05 2018-06

    FEEGOO Ultra-thin Smart Robot Cleaner

    1.6.6CM ultra-thin body, free moving, slip under most furniture to clean your invisible corner.
    2.APP remote control, whether meeting,working or on holidays, just open and use, enjoy your clean when got home.
    3.Humanity design--display in screen.
    4.Smart cleaning and auto recharging.
    5.Timer clean.
    6.Multiple cleaning mode,intelligent planning route, low repetition rate, high efficiency.

  • 05 2018-09

    FEEGOO Multifunctional Hand Dryer

    Smart touch
    Air speed and air temperature adjusted
    Upload pictures
    Built-in HEPA

  • 05 2018-08

    FEEGOO New Design Double-sided Hand Dryer

    304 stainless steel material/hot or cold wind/Hepa

  • 08 2018-06

    Zhejiang Feegoo Technology Co., Ltd. Attend the 7th China (Poland) Trade Fair

    Zhejiang Feegoo Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the exhibition, attracting many foreign businessmen from Europe to stop the consultation. Received the attention and recognition of multi-party participants. With this platform, Zhejiang Feegoo Technology Co., Ltd. has displayed the enterpises image, further enhancing the company's influence, and make more enterprises and the public know and understand FEEGOO Technology.

  • 12 2018-03

    Why Choose FEEGOO Sixth Generation Double-sided Jet Hand Dryer?

    As everyone knows, the double-sided jet hand dryer is a sanitary appliance used to dry hands in the bathroom, while the continuously improved FEEGOO sixth-generation double-sided jet hand dryer, compared to traditional type. this new model hand dryer will be more excellent in energy saving and sanitation, so they are very popular in public places.

  • Hand Dryer FG2006H-304
  • Cloth Care Machine FG-700A
  • Hand Dryer FG-9988H
  • Hand Dryer ECO-9966